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Managing Citations

Organize your sources with RefWorks or other tools

Keys to Success

  • Use a digital tool to easily organize your sources.
  • When you download sources, save them into folders that have helpful names.
  • Double-check generated citations for the right format because they sometimes have mistakes.

Highlighted Resources: RefWorks

There are a lot of great tools out there to organize your articles and sources. Through the BYU Library, you have access to one called RefWorks (You can also find other tools at the bottom of this webpage). Click the buttons below to learn how to sign up for and use RefWorks.

Create an Account

This document will walk you through the process of creating a free RefWorks account. Take a few minutes to set up an account.

Learn the Basics

Watch the following YouTube video for a brief explanation of how to use RefWorks.

More Resources

Click on each resource below to learn more about how to effectively make and store citations. You probably won’t end up using each of these resources, but choose the ones that you find the most useful.

  • If you use a website to automatically generate a citation, it is important to double-check the citation and correct any mistakes. Use the following MLA and APA formatting and style guides to double-check your citations. These guides also provide information on how to correctly write an in-text citation.

  • Zotero is another free digital tool to organize your citations. You can add the Zotero Chrome extension to your browser or download the Zotero desktop application. Watch the following video to better understand what Zotero is.

    Zotero Video

    Here are some helpful videos to help you get started using Zotero.

  • Medeley is another great source that can be used to store the citations for your research project. It does a great job helping you create in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliographies that can be used in your projects.

    Here is a resource to help you set up an account and learn some of the basics.

  • Powernotes allows you to capture quotes from the sources you find and organize them into topics. While not as strong in citations, it is helpful when you want to efficiently collect and organize ideas as you do your research. See how it works below.

    PowerNotes Research & Note-Taking